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Rebuild the Mysterious Sun's Refuge in Guild Wars 2's "A Star To Guide Us"

The fourth episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4, A Star To Guide Us, is reside now. Packed with new attributes, Episode 4 introduces:

Sun's Refuge, a personal instance that players will Buy gw2 gold build and upgrade all through their adventure to unlock new collections, NPCs, lore, and an upgradeable armor set
The new Jahai Bluffs map
The legendary scepter Xiuquatl
A new raid, Mythwright Gambit, in which players will come face to face together with the djinn Zommoros

Along with these great characteristics, a new and compelling storyline greets players as they pick up exactly where Episode 3, Extended Live The Lich leaves off. Around the heels in the confrontation with Palawa Joko, the rebuilding can finally commence in Elona's plague-devastated settlements. But the shadow of Kralkatorrik nevertheless looms more than the planet, as well as the Commander will really need to prepare to combat the risky titanic elder dragon.. With the dragon scion Aurene at their side, players need to figure out what may be completed before it's as well late.

A Star To Guide Us content material is free to access for players who already personal Guild Wars 2:Path of Fire. Play-For-Free players who log in though the episode is reside will likely be capable to claim it as quickly as they upgrade to Path of Fire. For all those who never own it however, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire is readily available for purchase cheap GW2 Gold by going to:
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