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Due to the ever present problem of limited platform to showcase ones services and exorbitant advertisement cost, many service economy providers are not able to showcase their services. As a whole the service industry today faces lack of organization, transparency, viability and connectivity. Unemployment in the world seems to be increasing because of these and various other issues. The platform from Temgean will be able to nurture the service economy so that it becomes an instrument to bridge the economic gap between the rich and poor by enhancing better understanding through blockchain connectivity. The Temgean app will build a community of ardent followers, who exchange value across its economic chain and continually growing to target even greater number of users. The security, integrity and certainly of blockchain technology will ensure that all user date is protected and individual can customize their profile in such a way that only relevant information is exposed to counterparties who want their services. At the heart of the functionality of the Temgean service network is the escrow service, which allows service provided to be paid for on agreed terms powered by the system and implemented automatically once contracting parties have agreed the terms of engagements. Hence, individuals can source for the services they need to employ using local knowledge to enjoy the experience they require.
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