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Your Guide To Choosing The Best Cigar

Cigars are classified by any number of qualities. Flavor, body, and country of origin arejust a few such classifications. Perhaps the most useful classification to a cigar smoker is the overall quality of the cigar. These general quality categories are typically called “bundled”or “bargain,” “premium,” and “super premium.”

As the category “bargain”implies, one of the ways that many smokers sort cigars into these three categories is based on the price per cigar. Bundled or bargain cigars typically sell for $10 or less per cigar. generally cost between $10 and $20 per cigar, and super premium cigars are typically $20 and over. However, ranking quality on price is not always the most accurate system. Some serious cigar smokers have rated cigars that sell for around $2 per cigar as being premium quality cigars. Also, some very expensive cigars have been given negative quality ratings by expert smokers.


So, what besides price makes a cigar a premium cigar? Perhaps one of the best indicators is the quality of the actual tobacco used to make the cigar. Tobacco itself is categorized by quality, and premium cigars typically are made out of premium tobacco.

In addition, the type of cigar filler is also one of the factors in determining whether or not a cigar is a premium or super premium cigar. Cigar filler is the actual blend of tobacco that is wrapped up inside the cigar. The two types of general filler are short and long. Short filler is made up of chopped tobacco leaves and contains other bits of the plant like the stems. Long filler is made up of whole leaf tobacco. Most experts agree that a cigar must be filled with long filler for it to be designated a premium cigar or a super premium cigar.

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Finally, the process used to roll the cigar is perhaps the most essential determinate in whether it is considered a premium cigar. Cigar experts and serious smokers almost unanimously agree that a premium or super premium cigarmust be hand rolled. In general, cigars are either rolled on specialized machinery or rolled by hand. The way cigars are rolled is an essential aspect of the flavor, body, and draw of a cigar. Being hand rolled does not automatically qualify a cigar as a premium cigar. However, being machine rolled probably does preclude a cigar from being considered a premium cigar.

Cigars brands are as vast and complex as vintages of wine, and, much like wine, it can be difficult to make generalizations as tothe quality. However, some broad classifications are necessary for the average consumer to navigate the cigar world. For the cigar smoker who islookingfor a high quality cigar at a moderate price, premium cigars are a great choice.

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