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This musical show regularly performs eight times per week starting from Monday to Saturday. The show begins at exactly 7:30 in the evening along with matinees during Wednesdays and Saturdays. The show runs for two hours and forty-five minutes plus the 20-minute interval. The theater generally opens 1 hour prior to the start of the show.

6) What do you view as the role of bookstores in their respective communities? Also, please share your expectations for your upcoming event at Books and Boos?


You can choose from a 50 minute or 30 minute helicopter tour of the South Rim, they fly you to the North Rim and back passing over dramatic landmarks such as the Dragoon Corridor.

When people think of Mayan ruins, they think of Chichen Itza. The ruins at this location are some of the best preserved and most important in the ancient Maya history. Because of its location, Chichen Itza is also one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. You should make it a point to visit the area when traveling to Cancun. You can talk to your hotel staff about tours, or you can take a bus to Chichen Itza from the bus station in Cancun.

No biking adventure should be without ice. You can easily place a cooler in the car. The ice not only keeps drinks and food fresh and cool, it can be used for injuries and even dehydration.

Winterthur is so much more than the mansion itself. The research and restoration area done in conjunction with the University of Delaware produces amazing work. The gardens are beautiful. And the Cottage in the Enchanted Gardens area draws children to it with it's fairy tale appearance. Of course it's spectacular, you are walking the same grounds where generations of DuPonts spent time at play.

THE HAND ON THE WALL. Tom Fischer was convicted with 20 other men, alleged members of the Molly Maquires, and condemned to die for the 1878 murder of Anthracite mine boss, Morgan Powell. Another convicted member of the group told the sheriff Fischer was innocent, the governor was even told, but Fischer was executed anyway. But before that happened, he placed his hand on the wall of his cell of the Jim Thorpe Jail and said, "My mark will stay here as long as the jail remains." And is there at the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, despite repeated paintings and plasterings.
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