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i have to confess that i have not in fact hung this mop broom hooks yet but i have prepared the setup of it already where it will certainly hang which device will certainly await which room on it and so on etc. so all i have to do currently is in fact hang it lol. i bought this thing for the storage room that we have many of our cleansing supplies saved in. the storage room is very deep sufficient so that i could stand in it well i can if the closet flooring was free from all the junk and accessibility all the great racks that my partner placed in it numerous years back. all of the sponges brooms hoover etc. are stored in the wardrobe in the space directly before the racks with their takes care of leaning against the side walls as well as their company finishes resting on the closet flooring where i would truly prefer to stand. rather i need to lean right into the wardrobe throughout the mops et al in order to access the shelves. when i am actually completed with this task the only things depending on the storage room flooring apart from my feet will be minority items that i already had produced area for under the racks like the upright vacuum as well as the mop bucket. yay oh yes i likewise purchased a second broom rack holder for the garage. i have no company prepares for it's area yet i'm particular it will be placed to good usage there. run-through of review excellent item i suggest it. really strong item. exceeded expectationsi've been utilizing this frequently for regarding 5 months. the mechanism that holds the brooms in position is still as limited as when i got it. you do need to use a tad little pressure to push your things in and also draw them out. it should not be an issue at all for lots of people however if you are senior or have joint inflammation it could be an issue.i liked this item so much i acquired a 2nd comparable item unreasonably i didn't buy this thing again mop holder wall mounted my mistake the second mop organizer had all these ranting 5 celebrity evaluations. as well several not true testimonials as soon as seeing that item compared holder with this set i realized i had been deceived by individuals leaving 5 celebrity testimonials for products they didn't really pay for as well as most likely really did not make use of. i came back to buy this once again and update my testimonial so with any luck somebody else won't make the same mistake.update 2 2017 the mechinisms of the mop and broom hanger are still strong and also limited as day 1 i've had my full dimension vacum hanging from this for amount of times. every little thing still locks in pulls out as it did the first week. the scrap one i acquired was thrown in the reuse container months ago fyi you still do have to utilize a little bit of pressure to push the broom in as well as pull it out my mom had rumitoid joint inflammation she would have had a difficult time securing her swifter in location

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