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Adventure Travel - Kentucky

I admire Stacy and Jason for taking a huge gamble on a book store in this economy, especially when the publishing industry seems to be re-inventing itself weekly. They're doing a great job of giving local authors a place to meet readers and vice versa. I've already been to two of their signings to support friends and I'll be at several more. I'm pushing my own launch on Facebook and inviting people who live in the area because I want them to see this neat little bookstore and help it thrive. Readers and writers and book stores need each other, and Jason and Stacy are doing everything they can to get everyone together.

Visit famous restaurants, night clubs, and other establishments. If you're a foodie or into the 'famous' scene, you can check out places like Sylvia's, The Rainbow Room, Tavern on the Green, Bowery Ballroom, Rudy's, Bungalow 8, High Bar, and KGB, among others.

các con thác đẹp nổi tiếng ở đà lạt can also take one of their Disney Vacation Club tours that are offered. Here you'll go on a tour of Disney and see a lot of the behind the scenes happenings and be able to find out about all of their new plans that are upcoming for the future.


For a longer trip, spend twelve days on a Holland and Belgium River Cruise & Paris. This trip starts in France, with an overnight stay in Paris and a driving tour on Day 3. Here you'll visit the Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, the Opera District, and Concorde Square. The fourth day takes you to Versailles Palace, followed by a rail transfer to Amsterdam on Day 5. Cruise the canals as you pass the Royal Palace on Day 6, and arrive in Belgium through day 8. Explore Antwerp and the medieval walking tour of Gent, then set your sites to Zeeland for the charms of area small towns. Day 11 finishes in central Amsterdam with a farewell dinner with the Captain of the cruise ship! Call (800) 682-3333 for package details.

Inexpensive Date #11: Go garage-saling! One man's trash is another man's treasure. Spice things up by creating a scavenger list ahead of time. Winner does the dinner dishes!

How do you get tickets for the show? Well, Wicked tickets can be bought on the official Wicked website. You may also inquire at several ticket booths online for the price range, which depends on the quality of seats you wish to have.

Inexpensive Date #1: Play "Iron Chef." Give each other a mystery ingredient from your cupboard or refrigerator and see who can come up with the best culinary creation in an hour's time. The best part is eating them!

Inexpensive Date #6: Give yourself an historic tour. Research some historical information about local areas and then go visit them to see for yourself.
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