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24 Hours to Improving Çilekli Güllaç

Biscuits with almonds and apricots

Elements (for twenty-four biscuits)

mug brown flour

mug white flour

mug brown sugar

one spoon baking powder

two eggs

mug of milk (one% Extra fat)

two spoons of oil

two spoons of honey

spoon almond essence

two/three mug minced dried apricots

mug dried almonds

Established the oven to 200C. Put the flour, the sugar and also the baking powder in a big bowl and defeat the mixture received Along with the beater. Insert the eggs, the milk, the oil, the honey and the almonds essence. Mix all the things that has a picket spoon then insert the almonds as well as minced apricots. The dough received is well blended using your hands powdered with flour until eventually it gets uniform.

Unfold the dough over a plastic foil and model it inside of a bar, thirty cm lengthy and 7 - eight cm large. Put the bar into a baking paper and bake it for twenty five - thirty minutes. Then take it out and Permit it amazing for ten minutes, even though the oven is ready towards the temperature of 230C.

Set the bar with a plate and cut out of it 24 very little biscuits, which happen to be baked again in the oven, with a baking paper. The biscuits are let for15 - twenty minutes, right up until they turn into crispy, then consider them out and consume them when they became neat. It is just a one of many diabetic desserts which can be cooked fairly conveniently. Appreciate it!

Fruit compote

You may benefit from the savor from the delicious fruit supplied by the summer time, and these diabetic desserts are extremely healthier if you're thinking that of the amount of nutritional vitamins they comprise.


2 apples

2 lemons

two peaches

two apricots

2 oranges

Brown sugar

nine sweetener supplements

Slice the fruit. Put them right into a pot, a layer of apples, a layer of peaches, a layer of apricots, in addition to a layer of oranges after which insert the brown sugar.

Go on Using the fruit levels, then increase the lemon and also the nine sweetener pills. Boil it at very low temperature.

Raspberry pudding

One more dessert belonging towards the class of diabetic desserts is raspberry pudding. It is just a German brief recipe for 6 dishes of 350 calories.

It's really a scrumptious dessert made up of plenty of natural vitamins and minerals which may refresh us on a hot summer season working day. To really make it more delightful, you are able to combine it with a sauce received by Mixing 300 g Kalbura Bastı raspberry with lemon juice and spoon sweetener.


500 g raspberries

four yolks

thirty centiliters milk

6 spoons powder sweetener

three blades of alimentary gelatin

Damp the gelatin in cold h2o. Inside a saucepan beat the yolks and add the milk. Warmth the combination at reduced temperature and Enable it homogenize until eventually you usually takes it With all the spatula then cease heating. Blend the raspberry so as to obtain a pure, and add the sweetener. Insert the gelatin dissolved in warm cream on the raspberry.

Pour the mixture in a tray, that's a little greased with oil and Allow it harden, in the fridge, for at least 12 several hours. You'll be able to delight in it with strawberry sauce.

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