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attach oneself to these two protagonists. Note - that the antagonist is not bad either ... The charismatic strong Crawford Starrick is the local chief of the Order of the Knights Templar and it reigns without division on London controlling all the sides of the economy .
Gangs of London
Our two assassins, who live outside London, decide on a whim to release the capital from the yoke of the Knights Templar. The goal is clear, but the motivations of Jacob and Evie are often different, they will each have their own scenario missions. If Jacob will excel in the dirty work of hunting and killing the Templars, Evie will instead concentrate on finding fragments of Eden. The ancillary missions will be accessible to one of the characters, depending on your preference. Because you will be able to pass from one to the other at any time, and each will have his own tree of skills in order to develop them and equip them differently.
The structure of the game and its division into missions is globally the same as in Unity, with, in addition to the main quests, diverse and varied auxiliary quests (including those including historical characters like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin) Also the famous gang war. The basic idea, however, remains the same as before: to "free" successively pieces of the city by assassinating a Templar or releasing children forced to work in factories. All these missions are unfortunately as numerous as they are repetitive. You will have the impression very quickly to reproduce the same thing each time, and since it is necessary to release 3 quarters of the city before accessing the last two chapters of the game, You are strongly advised to run them as you go ... It's less painful! Especially since you can mix them with more varied and interesting ancillary missions, notably the Dickens surveys that extend the ones initiated by Unity.
Assassin's Approaches
But to return to the main missions, again they take the Unity formula by concluding each "Sequence" (the chapters of the game) with a "Assassination" mission more complex than the others, and proposing different approaches of infiltration. Some of them are really fun to play, a bit like a Hitman, but I must admit that most of the time I found them less inspired than those of the Parisian episode. The impression of "skin of Unity", which had been in view of the various trailers aired for months, is thus confirmed a little.
Personally, I expected that on the good foundations of these Assassination missions of Unity, this new episode will go further this time, multiplying the approaches to give us more freedom, making them more systemic and less "scripted". In the end they do nothing more ... I will even say that they do less well.
Another important element to note: it is the first Assassin since the second part to propose purely and simply no multi mode, whether competitive or cooperative. And yet, we would have loved to find the missions playable to 4 of Assassin's Creed Unity, which brought something new quite awesome in terms of sensations.
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