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Why Use Facilities Management Companies?

The maintenance and property services business is a fast-growing alternative for many small company models and individual business owners. The preliminary investment requirements are not extremely high, however the abilities needed may be specialized. This is also a labor-intensive company, for this reason obtaining, training and maintaining proficient staff is essential.

The maintenance and home services organisation basically involves supplying handyman-services and/or caretaker services, with upkeep of the residential or commercial property, both interior and exterior, gardening, electrical, pipes, repair work, painting, polishing, woodworking, elimination of garbage, building debris, waste-management systems, etc. This could be either for a business or domestic establishment.

This is likewise one line of company that is self-generating and relies heavily on repeat orders, since upkeep requirements stay consistent. The requirement for a good maintenance and home services business model is ending up being significantly felt.

Marketing a maintenance and home services organisation might not be really challenging, as many projects are gotten through word-of-mouth references, advertising through leaflets, ads on bulletin boards in local hardware shops, pubs, transportation stations and so on. Ads in free-listings, regional papers, direct mailing, referrals from regional bodies and so on are also excellent ways to showcase your services. In the preliminary stages, a sustained marketing campaign may be essential, with offers of discount rates, complimentary service calls, etc. An entrepreneur who wants to start such an business may already possess certain woodworking, pipes, gardening, landscaping, repairs, electrical or masonry skills. They can use their know-how to train brand-new recruits.


The difficulties in running such a service are in the locations of training and maintaining service staff, billing, collection of dues and the uncertain nature of tasks. Liability insurance coverage might likewise be mandatory for certain types of upkeep work. Getting insurance coverage for yourself and your staff might also be expensive.

With all its difficulties, running upkeep and residential or commercial property services company can be successful and interesting , since it makes sure a supply of work that may never ever go out as long as human beings reside in structures!

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