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What exactly is NAD IV THERAPY?

NAD is actually a co-enzyme that may be located in all living points, it is actually vital to living, and that is certainly what we're making use of within the IV therapy at Tres Vistas Recovery. NAD goes into the brain and bathes the brain in nutrients. This has been studied and medically proven to assist with detox and withdrawal for drugs and alcohol.

How will NAD IV THERAPY support my detox?

This is a organic way to get off of a substance devoid of possessing debilitating withdrawal symptoms and without having acquiring addicted to another drug. Its benefits are that it cuts down the withdrawal symptoms by 50% or more, it reduces and Mainly eliminates all cravings for the drug by the end of your therapy, It restores the brain to standard functioning is weeks instead of months to years! Patients report possessing mental clarity, lowered anxiety, decreased depression, even cholesterol is reduced! Also the amount of days you really have nad drug detox is decreased.


How extended may be the Therapy?

The remedy differs for just about every patient upon an assessment that the Physician and nurse will do. It all is dependent upon what you're taking, for how extended, and how much. To be safe, we say that it requires two weeks of IV therapy everyday with some clients finishing in ten days.

Is NAD Treatment Safe?

Yes 100 % protected, we've got licensed employees right here watching over you throughout your treatment, and even any time you go to the property a CPR certified home manager on duty all the time, there are no poor unwanted side effects to this remedy that can harm you, and it’s all organic. You'll have MD visits, and prescribed medication for all of your health care desires.

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