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What's the active ingredient for NAD Therapy? NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is actually Co-Enzyme 1, which turns into Niacin Vitamin B-3 after it enters the body. The explanation we use NAD rather than a simple IV of B-3 is since with B-3 an individual would grow to be particularly flushed and pretty sick. It would be not possible to put as significantly B-3 in a person, that would be necessary to realize the optimistic advantages, without becoming extremely ill.

NAD DRug Detox is employed for alcohol and drug detox within a consecutive 10 to 14 day period of IV therapy. The benefit is that, through this treatment, there's no need for any narcotic medicines like Valium or Suboxone for detox. Sufferers report a 60-70% lower in withdrawal symptoms together with the NAD IV remedy! This co-enzyme saturates the brain and physique with the nutrients it wants to recover more quickly. Persons report feeling like they would feel at 90 days sobriety at the end of this therapy.

Advantages of NAD Therapy contain:
Boost in energy
Expedited brain healing and recovery
Mood stabilizer
Significant reduction in cravings
Mental clarity
Enhanced endurance


AD Therapy can also be used for Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom (PAWS) in folks on the lookout for a shorter treatment but still want each of the NAD added benefits. We supply a 5-7 day therapy for persons in their 2nd - 3rd week immediately after initial detox.
We also use this for treatment of Anxiety, Anxiety and Fatigue with a 5-day treatment plan.

Keep in mind! This isn't an alternative for therapy and 12 step applications! This is just one more great all organic tool that assists people feel much better more rapidly and stay sober longer.

We know…it sounds as well good to become true! What is the catch? What will be the probable negative effects?

Properly, the active ingredient for NAD Therapy is an all-natural supplement and there are actually no hazardous unwanted effects with this remedy.  Sometimes, minor stomach cramping or maybe a flushed feeling occurs when the drip is going as well rapidly. Immediately after a minor adjustment on the drip price these feelings will go away.

Treatment can take a extended time. The first couple of days it can take among 6-8 hours, after which steadily receiving shorter each and every couple of days thereafter till completion.

Please note: This isn't an insurance coverage covered process and can be a cash price tag only.

IVs range in between $1,000 - $1,500 every day based on what you're acquiring the remedy for and in case you are a current client staying at one of our locations through remedy.
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