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Mixes from Mars - Functions bartending firm which caters to occasions of all kinds

Mixes from Mars is an events bartending business which caters to functions of all kinds. We have a myriad of providers that fits equally private and corporate occasions. Which a group encompassing of star bartenders from Mars Bar and Hopscotch Bar, we goal to make merry at your functions and to make sure you have the celebration of a life span.
Bespoke functions typically cater for a crowd of fifty and significantly less. The purpose getting to maximise interaction in between the guest and the bartender. For Bespoke, we provide down all our ingredients and liquor, just as you would see it at our bar. We then have a little discussion with the guests, obtaining out their palate and preference of taste. A custom-made cocktail dependent on that is created and garnished, specially for that one visitor.
Wine service
Customized Topic Cocktails cater to both the non-public and corporate crowds. We very first obtain some details from the customer concerning the theme of the social gathering. Next, we mesh the theme with our concepts and conceptualise cocktails that matches perfectly with the occasion. This is perfect for corporate clients who would like to market a new brand name or item as it will strengthen the brand via non-mainstream medium like the cocktails. For personal events, a cocktail maybe suited to the bride and groom? Or maybe for the birthday boy. Just let us know their desire and we can generate a cocktail that is best for them.
Customized cocktails
Cocktail Workshops are a strike among bridal showers and the company clients as it includes a lot of interaction and team building. The students are place via a limited lecture on the origins of alcohols and instruments prior to being guided stage by step by way of cocktail creations. Generally, there are 3 cocktails that are taught in the workshop but it can be personalized to your choices and budgets.
Do It By yourself cocktail booth is a complement to the Customized Concept Cocktails as it allows guests to make their cocktails them selves. This leads to interactivity for them. It is best for company clientele as it assists them to unwind and unwind following a long assembly or networking session.
Previously mentioned all, we incorporate science into bartending. Molecular mixology has been 1 of our forte as we have been experimenting with all types of methods to make our cocktails a lot more intriguing. From property produced lychee caviar, to dry iced cocktails to even nitrogen cocktails which introduces a new dimension to the cocktail, we have managed to increase our menus and also impress the visitors. As every days previous, we are hunting at diverse varieties of molecular mixology to progress our understanding and obstacle ourselves with conceptualising new cocktails.
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