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How the Sequester Affects Dallas Cowboys Pregame Music

The Dallas Cowboys and platinum recording artist/song writer Dorrough Music declared a merchandise collaboration today. In a rare team-up in between a hip hop artist and a sports team, they will release a hat and shirt collection on Oct. 27 that will only become sold Dallas Cowboys Pro Shops. The Boys are the first NFL team to venture into this collaboration, and it is only the next time a major sports team and music act have come collectively for merchandise purposes.


Dorrough Music, otherwise known as “Six 3,” is a Dallas born rapper with a lifelong commitment as a fan to the Dallas Cowboys. This individual created a Dallas Boys anthem entitled “Our Time” and documented the music video for the song at AT&T Stadium for the Next year season. With national recognition and chart-topping hits, Dorrough is the only hip hop artist from Dallas to stand out and obtain mainstream success in their genre. Their debut album “Dorrough Music” introduced in 2009 peaked at #36 on the billboard top 200 and Number2 amongst the top rap albums. Ever since then Dorrough has released a multitude of projects and has accumulated over 8 million units sold. His / her latest single “Yeah Yeah” will serve as the soundtrack for the Dorrough and Dallas Boys merchandise commercial set to be released Oct. 25 and previewed here:

Free agency has started for the NFL, with teams adding new encounters to the roster and stating goodbye to other people. Even though deals can’t end up being announced right up until the new league year commences Wednesday, March 14 at 3 g.m. CT, news has swirled around about many estimated moves, including free agent linebacker Anthony Hitchens reportedly close to a multi-year contract with the Iowa City Chiefs that could possibly be worth $9 million annually. The Cowboys’ front office had expressed their desire to retain Hitchens, but in the end the deal was going to be also far out of their range. Read


Their departure is going to be felt equally on the field and off, the last option being proven with the large outpour of support and goodbye messages this individual received on social media from his former teammates.

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