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Power Outage And Your Furnace

Winter storm is on its way and expect some cases of power interruptions. And this isn’t good to your furnace. Here’s what to do when the lights are back on yet your furnace is not yet giving you the proper warmth that you need.

Check the breaker panel.

Sometimes, power outage damages the breaker panels of furnaces and heat pump. It’s good to check this part of your units before calling a professional’s help. If the breaker of your furnace isn’t labeled, look for 15A breakers and check if they are tripped. If you’re using a heat pump system, be sure to diagnose both the breakers in the indoor and outdoor units.

Breaker panels are important components of your units. If you have enough knowledge to fix tripped breakers, you can solve the issue yourself. You can also opt to call a local HVAC technician to help you.

Search and reset the GFI outlets.

GFI outlets are common to furnaces which are installed within the past decade. You can see it more often on the furnaces in the basement where there may be water. Power outages can also affect these outlets. Be sure to check of the GFI outlets installed to or near your furnace did not falter.

This is an easy DIY job which no longer calls for a technician’s help. Unless otherwise there have been some wiring issues in the outlet, you can easily fix this by pressing the reset button.

Check the thermostat.

There are some cases where the thermostat is directly connected to the furnace so when the power goes out, the thermostat also stops. If for more than 5 minutes or for an extended period of time, the thermostat would reset to its default mode. This may not give you the right temperature setting that you want for your home.

If you still have the thermostat manual, it can help you set the thermostat to its normal setting. Most homeowners however find this a bit tricky so they’d rather call a heating and cooling expert to reset the thermostat for them.

Power outages in Rockwall, TX and the neighboring communities are inevitable. These tips will help you bring back the operation of your furnace when the power goes back. If some bigger issues arise, just call the Rockwall Heating and Air experts and we’ll fix the problem in no time.

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