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How to Get Peachtree Support

Sage 50 is easy to use accounting software that is a blessing for small business field. Sage 50 was heretofore known as as Peachtree. With the inception of the software it has progressively made in prominent place in the market of accounting software. It has become a popular business management software that is preferred by small business proprietors for managing and cutting-off financial problems. The Sage 50 software assists the accounting professionals to track inward bound and outgoing of cash flow. For the systematic payments you can prepare invoices for your consumers that can be customized and sent via email or can be printed.


What are Sage 50 Features
Manage Daily Business: Sage 50 application aids you to manage due dates, track continuing entries etc. with the short cut tool created to make bookkeeping a piece of cake.

Support for audit trail: With every new entry of the transaction an audit trail is created that assists the business owner to track entire purchases and the changes made in these in the future. It also helps the company during submitting for income tax. All the recorded purchases are systematized and further used to create reviews.
Cloud Connected Solutions: Now get cloud linked solutions like invoicing by mobile, integrated charge and credit card payments and storage of data in cloud that allows you access a the go and connect with your accounting professionals or staff.
Invoices and Forms: Sage 50 blends these two uses that enable you to send invoices to your customers via email. You can even personalize forms to give professional touch.
Interactive interface: Sage 50 offers user-friendly software. No technical or accounting expertise necessary to handle the software. It is very simple and easy to comprehend. The navigation window displays the main headings that make functionality even easier. The titles lead to other important benefits that are important necessity of a business.

Direct Payments: Now you can receive and make payments by means of:
Checks: You will have to get a digital signature of the account holder. The checks can become drafted, saved and even printed.
Credit Card: The payments made via credit cards are simpler in Sage 50 than payment via checks. For receiving payments you will have to enter the credit card info of your customer and select the card that you are going to make the payment. All these payments and transactions are documented in Sage 50.


Customer Support: With the purchase of Sage 50 accounting software you get free Sage 50 support for all the queries and issues you face although handling the software. The support is assisted by experienced and certified Sage agents. These agents are adept enough to take care of any Sage issue that plants up when you start using the software.
Save Time & Money: Sage 50 helps you to save more business time by direct payments, which allows convenient way to make and obtain payments electronically i.e. accurate and quicker undoubtedly. Furthermore you can make payments to employees anytime with the up-to-date payroll tax calculations.

For more information please visit peachtree tech support phone number.
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